Multimedia reporters can now create a Flash project without knowledge of animation and web design

A website,, provides a free and easy-to-use tool for journalists to present multimedia contents online, without having to learn anything about Flash animation and web design.

Creating an interactive Flash interface has been a major roadblock to multimedia journalists: most reporters and editors do not have advanced knowledge in animation and web design.

I recently found about, a free website creation tool. It is like a drag & drop editor, all you need to do is to prepare the materials, drag and drop them onto the page, arrange them, then publish – Wix also provides free hosting of your project.

Feeling the potential of this tool for multimedia journalists, I decided to take a test drive myself.

I chose a real multimedia project as a model, and basically recreated part of that project using Wix online editor. My project consists of typical materials such as an article, a video, a photo slideshow, and some graphics. All this is to pretend I am a reporter with these materials but have no knowledge of Flash animation and web design.

In a separate post, I further tested the ability of Wix in being a multimedia storytelling tool by trying to incorporate more elements: article, audio clips, videos, photo slideshow and Google map.

Click the image to view my project, and don’t forget to check out the actual model project. How much time I spent on this project? About two and a half hours – that include signing up at, getting to know the online editor, preparing the materials, and actually working on it.

About mulinblog

I am a college journalism instructor who has a great interest in multiplatform journalism.
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2 Responses to Multimedia reporters can now create a Flash project without knowledge of animation and web design

  1. Mike Marinos says:

    A couple of non flash options in the same space are IMCreator – goes direct to web and mobile and Adobe Muse

  2. mulinblog says:

    I believe tools like imcreator and wix should be incorporated into multimedia journalism production courses – this is the last mile to multimedia contents delivery and I haven’t found a viable solution until just now; should’ve talked to design people like you.
    imcreator and wix are similar if not the same in terms of design and usage. But for muse, I downloaded the software, but stopped when it asks me to create an Adobe ID to proceed with the installation.

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